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Japanese Cherry Blossom





Discover Kyoto Cherry Blossom body mist, and immerse to the symbol of fleeting nature, spring and rejuvenation.  

Enjoy the short life of this beautiful flower, harvested carefully to indulge yourself with the first bloom of the Spring’s alluring and tender petals.

Top note: Orange flower, Pear

Heart note: Cherry Blossom, Cherry nectar

Base note: Musk, cedarwood, Vanilla

Volume: 250ml

I like it reminds me of the days of spring with its aroma of flowers, totally spring and to use it at any time

يعجبني هذا العطر، أنه منعش و يذكرني بأيام الربيع برائحة الزهور. انه منعش تماما كالربيع و أحب استخدامه في أي وقت

Angelina K.

Angelina K.

Japanese Cherry Blossom