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What is the Difference Between Body Mist and Personal Perfume

I am sure many perfume lovers have stopped to think about the new trend of body mist or body splash fragrances. Many have wondered what the difference between both is. What makes the body splash or body mist a pleasant and easy to use while limiting or reducing the usage of EDT or EDP perfumes to the special moments.


Think of body mist or splash as your body deodorant, it is the new way of feeling fresh and confident throughout your day, or whenever is needed. On the other hand, personal perfume highlights sensuality and elegance making you feel attractive and confident.


The body mist is a” ME” time moment. Body mist lovers consider spraying their favorite mist perfume one of the joyous moments after shower. And many have mentioned that they would repeat this refreshing routine anytime during the day and whenever they feel in need for extra boost of #smelling_fresh and #smelling_good. Personal perfumes on the other hand are more to share with others and kept for #special_occasions. Many perfume users have indicated that personal perfumes are much difficult to use during #work or #social_gathering since it would not pass unnoticed, and it would cause some oddity.


Body mist became, in some countries, inseparable from any women's #daily_routine, and it is fast growing in some other countries too, where the likability of this multidimensional fragrances is fast understood. The body mist fragrances composition is always related to happy ingredients, since it is considered a mood changer. Leading ingredients are #strawberry, #Vanilla, #lavender, #cherry, #caramel, #papaya, #peach, #jasmine, #rose, #violet and many other fruity and floral ingredients.