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My Dry Oil My Healthy Skin

How could an oil be dry?

We hear you :) Dry oil is an essential oil that gets absorbed by the skin quickly and leaves no greasy or oily residue, it could be composed from 1 essential oil, or a blend of many essential oils that has the same lightweight and fast absorption characteristics. This characteristic of light weight and soft / non-greasy after feel are thanks to the high concentration of linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid that the skin needs and absorbs fast to rejuvenate and heal itself.

7 most famous Dry Oils incredible benefits!

The benefits of dry oils to skin and hair are countless. dry essential oils such as #1 Jojoba, #2 Coconut and #3 Sesame are amazing antioxidants, and rich with vitamin C, E. #4 Rosa Canina and #5 Grapeseed oils are rich in essential fatty acids and contains high concentration of vitamin E, C and D and beta carotene. #6 Argan oil and #7 Sweet Almond oil are very well known for their healing benefits; Improves complexion and skin tone, promote collagen synthesis, improve your skin's elasticity and softness. Dry oils benefits are numerous and could be felt very fast.

How to use the essential dry oil?

For your body, you could use the dry oil like your moisturizing cream, after shower, pour the precious oil into your palm and massage your body gently until you spread the oil on total skin. Leave these incredible oils to get absorbed by the pores and feel the soft and smooth feel in seconds. You could use the dry oil as a makeup remover as well and to treat face puffiness after long day, or you could use the blend to heal broken skin areas and improve elasticity. Remember it is antiaging, so grab your dry oil and start treating your skin and hair.

For your hair, apply the oil to damp hair for extra soft and smooth feel, or on a dry hair before air blowing for extra shine. You could indulge your hair with a pre-shower mask and allow these amazing benefits repair and nourish your tired hair incredibly.



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